A new use for some aging tech

I tend to be kind of a device hoarder, especially when it comes to writing. I have an array of computer keyboards in my possession at all times, and I’m obsessed with mobile writing platforms despite the fact that I rarely do any writing away from my home office. So when I got the bug to go online and find another used Alphasmart on eBay, I paused for a moment and thought about whether I needed one or not, and if I might already have something that would serve the purpose if I did decide to pop over to a coffee shop to write next to a gaggle of hipsters… or should that be a horde of hipsters? Anyway…

Then I remembered my old first generation iPad mini that I’d used nearly every day for years until it became a little long in the tooth for some of the applications I wanted to run. It’s certainly not up to streaming high quality video, and I’ve recently switched back to a Kindle for reading, so it was just sitting idly by collecting dust on my desk and biding its time.

Well today its time has come. I’ve paired it with this very inexpensive yet amazingly well made little Bluetooth keyboard from Nulaxy. Supposedly it can last up to 60 days between charges and the case also acts as a nifty little stand to hold a tablet, such as my unflappable iPad mini.


I’ve paired it with the iOS version of Scrivener, so now I can write on the go in my favorite writing program and then sync the changes to my Mac through Dropbox.

Admittedly I probably won’t use it that often, but it will be convenient when I do, and it also saved me from buying a larger more expensive device that ultimately would have been another dust collector.

Come to think of it, I do need to take one of our cars in for an oil change in the morning. Maybe I’ll take the iPad and my new keyboard with me and get some writing done. I actually finished a complete detailed outline of book one of the Ash Banyan mystery series, so I can finally get to work on chapter one. See, I told you this new device would come in handy…never doubted myself for a minute.

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