Another round of art classes

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve gotten back into art recently and have started taking classes online. I want to improve enough so that I can make paintings of scenes from my books to use as covers. I’d also like to start painting more portraits. Luckily I found a great new online art class called the Digital Art Academy at

The particular track I’m following now is called foundations, and it takes you from absolute beginner all the way to painting detailed portraits and landscapes like the pros. The main instructor there, David Belliveau, is a fantastic artist and one of the best digital art instructors I’ve found. You can see some of his work here…

I’ve been having a lot of fun going through all of the lessons and exercises, so I thought I’d post a few here. I’ll make new posts periodically to keep track of my progress.

…and, yes, I’m still writing and posting chapters of The Eyes of Arcadia on Inkitt. I’ll most likely be posting three more chapters by the end of the week. You can read them here.


The sketch of the cat was done from this reference photo. It’s my daughter’s cat. She’s a cute little kritten, but she’s pure concentrated evil. I think in this picture she was either contemplating doing something bad or looking disapprovingly at our beagle, Gabby…or possibly both.


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