More portraits, both physical and digital…

I’ve been doing quite a bit more sketching and digital painting lately, and recently I started sketching again with actual pencils on actual paper. I’m still doing quite a bit of digital painting in Photoshop, but I’ve found the sketching to be really good practice that has also improved my linework in Photoshop.

For a fun challenge, and to get even more practice in, I’ve been taking part in Meds 50 heads challenge. The idea of the challenge it to commit to finishing 50 portraits in ten days, although the creator says there are no rules and the point is to follow through. That’s actually rather fortunate for me because I’ve nearly come to the end of the ten days and have less than a third of the portraits to show for it. However, I do plan on finishing and I’m learning a lot while having a ton of fun.

I think I might buy myself a new graphics tablet like this one with an actual screen as a reward once I finish, which just might conveniently coincide with my upcoming birthday. Funny how that works. Anyway, here are the portraits I’ve completed so far…

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